Frequently Asked Questions


Is Atmos a bank?

Atmos is a financial technology (fintech) startup that provides banking services. We develop software for you to use, and partner with various bank and non-bank companies to allocate more capital to climate solutions with measurable impact. Our commitment is to provide our customers a best-in-class banking experience that creates meaningful impact. Regulated banking services are provided by our “Sponsor Bank”, Evolve Bank & Trust.

What makes Atmos different?

Atmos is creating the most climate-positive banking platform in the world, where 100% of your account balance is used to fund climate-positive infrastructure to decarbonize the economy. Our approach to banking is radically different from others. Unmatched climate impact, nationally leading rates and rewards, and a best-in-class technology stack make Atmos one of the leading ways to create lasting and measurable positive impact on the world.

Is my money with Atmos FDIC-insured?

Yes, individual accounts up to $250,000 will be protected with FDIC insurance. You can elect to keep more than this amount with Atmos, though your balance in excess of $250,000 will not be covered by FDIC insurance.

Where is Atmos available?

Atmos is currently only available for legal residents of the United States. All Atmos customers must be able to provide proof of US residency as part of their application.

What banking products does Atmos currently provide?

Atmos provides FDIC-insured digital checking and savings accounts for individuals.

How do I contact customer service for help with my account?

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding your Atmos banking experience. You can always reach out to us to receive real-time customer support by using our chat function within the Atmos web or mobile apps, emailing us at or by calling us at 1-866-246-7194. Your success as an Atmos customer is critically important to us. It’s so important, in fact, that you may find yourself in a customer service session with one of our Co-Founders! For non time-sensitive issues, you can also schedule an appointment for a video conference with the Atmos team by accessing our calendar service. Unless we’re in a meeting or helping another customer, we typically respond quickly during the hours of: 8AM - 6PM PT Monday through Friday and 10AM - 2PM on Saturdays. Our offices are closed on Sundays and all Federal holidays.

Does Atmos have a native mobile app?

Yes! You can download our mobile app by searching for “Atmos Financial” in your App Store. 

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Please note:  Certain banking features may not be accessible via the mobile app while other features may only be accessible via the mobile app. Atmos may also seek to confirm certain account activity through the mobile app. To gain access to our full suite of banking products and services and to make the most of your Atmos experience, we highly encourage you to download the mobile app in addition to using the web version.

What does banking have to do with environmental and social issues?

Banks have influence over society in many subtle ways, more than many of us realize. Through low-cost loans and other favorable financial products, many banks have directly propped up companies that most of us would never consider supporting on a personal level. And yet we are doing just that by keeping our money in these legacy institutions. Think about it: Do you really know what your bank does with your money? The truth is that banks’ widespread support of the world’s biggest social and environmental justice offenders actually far exceeds support for a clean and more equitable tomorrow. How are we as a society supposed to address and improve upon serious systemic issues when institutionalized practices and the flow of capital through the economy are working against those very interests? The existing banking industry lags behind the evolving values of society and keeps us rooted in the past. Atmos was created to provide customers direct access to building the tomorrow they want to see.

Can my money really help reverse global warming?

Yes, your money can absolutely make a difference when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. Atmos will use 100% of your deposits to directly invest in a clean, fair, and transformed economy for all. You can track the impact of your money directly in your Atmos account. If you’d like to read more on how we calculate impact, we write about it here.

Is Atmos a B Corp?

Yes, Atmos is a certified B Corporation as of September 2022. You can view our score and certification materials here.

Do you offer commercial accounts?

Commercial accounts are planned for mid 2023. Send us a note to be added to the waiting list —

Do you offer a credit card?

Not yet, but we plan to in late 2023 or 2024. We paused work on it recently because of the interest rate rise and to get our solar loan product launched. We're taking our time to make sure that our offering matches the rest of our business and is truly climate-positive and not simply carbon-neutral or fossil-free as others are today.

Who is eFile4Biz and why are they contacting me?

eFile4Biz is a vendor that Atmos uses to file your 1099-INT with the IRS. We provide you with your copy inside of the app so you do not need the copy that they send to you.

If they do reach out to you about your 1099-INT form, it is a legitimate email, but make sure that it is from them and only about your 1099-INT.

Setting up Your Atmos Account

How to Fund your Atmos Account

There are multiple ways to fund your Atmos account! Check out each of the funding methods in our blog.

Am I eligible to have an Atmos account?

Atmos accounts are available for all individuals 18 years of age or older with current legal residency in the United States. Opening an Atmos account is easy and takes many customers less than two minutes. To submit an application, you’ll need to provide your full legal name, email address, current residential address (P.O. boxes are not permitted), telephone number, social security number and date of birth. You can submit an application for an Atmos account by accessing the web account application or by applying through our mobile app, which can be found by searching “Atmos Financial” in your preferred App Store.

Is my credit score impacted by applying for or opening an account?

No, we do not check your credit score, nor is your credit affected by opening an account with Atmos.

Are there any minimum balance requirements?

There are no minimum balance requirements to open an account. For security, Atmos reserves the right to lock unfunded accounts that have been idle.

Do I need to close my other bank account(s) to use Atmos?

No, you can have multiple accounts across different banks. Atmos is continually rolling out new features and enhancements to improve our banking services. We encourage each of our customers to maintain a banking relationship with another service provider if Atmos does not yet provide all of the features you need. Please contact us at to let us know what features would bring additional convenience to your banking experience with us.

Can I use Plaid to link an external account?

Yes, Atmos has integrated with Plaid to automate account linking. To connect an account with Plaid, you’ll need the username and password for your other (external) bank account. If Plaid doesn’t work due to a failed network connection or system error, micro-deposits are typically a reliable method to connect an external account.

What are micro-deposits?

Micro-deposits are a method to verify and connect an external account. With your permission, the initiating bank will usually send two (2) small deposits to your other (external) bank account. You will be required to include the account and routing number of your other (external) bank account to the initiating bank. Once settled (typically takes 2-3 days), accurately verifying the amounts of the deposits provides verification that you have access to the (external) bank account. Using micro-deposits is an effective method to manually link two bank accounts if you prefer not to use an automated linking system.

How do I perform Document Verification?

In certain circumstances, Document Verification will be necessary to open an Atmos account or up-tier the features available to you. To perform Document Verification, log in to your account via the Atmos mobile app. Navigate to More > Document Verification.

Why does my routing number show up as "Evolve Bank & Trust"?

Evolve Bank & Trust is Atmos's banking partner. Atmos leverages its partnership with Evolve Bank & Trust and its network of correspondent banks to provide FDIC insurance to each of its customers. All Atmos banking accounts utilize the routing number for Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

Can I add another person to my account to make it a joint account?

Atmos does not yet offer joint accounts for our customers. Joint accounts are planned for later this year.

What additional documentation will I need to provide?

In most cases, customers will not need to require any additional documentation to open and access their Atmos account. In some cases, we require additional documentation to verify a user's identity. Most commonly this is either a result of entering incorrect personal information at account creation, or if there are online records tying your personal information to multiple identities.

Atmos may require a photo ID, a selfie, copies of identity cards or third-party billing statements. In some cases, Atmos may request a video conference to ensure the validity of certain information.

Sending & Receiving Money

Does it cost money to send ACH transfers?

No, it is free to transfer funds in-to and out-of Atmos. There are no limitations on the number of transactions you can process.

Can I deposit cash?

No, not at this time. We're working with our bank partner to activate this, but most likely, this won't happen until 2023.

What is an ACH transfer?

An ACH (stands for Automated Clearing House) transfer is the most common way to move money electronically from one bank account to another. Each time you schedule a non-wire transfer of funds from one bank account to another, you have initiated an ACH transfer.

How many external bank accounts may I link to Atmos?

Based on a customer’s account-age and security level, they may connect up to three (3) external accounts.

Can I set-up a recurring transfer?

Yes, recurring transfers can be easily created within your Atmos account. Recurring transfers can be established between Atmos accounts or between Atmos and another external account.

Am I limited to the number of transfers I can make from my savings account?

No, there are currently no limitations to the number of transfers you can make from an Atmos savings account. Historically, savings accounts have been federally limited to a maximum number of six (6) transfers per month. Though some institutions still voluntarily impose a limit, the federally mandated limitation was temporarily removed in April 2020 and has not yet been put back in place.

Can I order a cashier's check or money order?

Not at this time.

How do I access my money in Atmos?

Atmos acts as any other bank. You can access your funds from our fee-free ATM network or transfer money to other financial institutions, businesses or people. Accounts are limited by daily transaction limits. Please be aware of your account's transaction limits and plan according. If your transaction limits are insufficient, please contact customer support.

Can I make wire transfers?

Accounts that have gone through additional identity verification and been moved into a higher security level have the ability to make wire transfers.

Why did my transaction fail?

Sometimes transactions to or from a bank or credit union can fail. Here are a few reasons why a transaction might fail: 

  • Insufficient funds:  There are insufficient funds in the originating bank or credit union account to complete the transaction.
  • Name mismatch:  The account information from the originating bank doesn't match account information of your Atmos account.
  • Frozen or closed account:  A bank or credit union account will not permit transactions from frozen or previously closed accounts.

If you're not sure why your transaction failed, please reach out to our customer support.

Does Atmos accept money orders?

Yes! We are able to accept and process money orders from any provider.

Do you support Direct Deposit?

Yes! When you open an account, we'll provide you with your account and routing number that you can then input into your payroll software or provide to your HR department.

Checking Account

Am I charged monthly fees for having an Atmos checking account?

No, Atmos checking accounts are free and accessible to all legal residents of the United States. Atmos reserves the right to charge for certain services in the future; refer to our Schedule of Fees and Services for a complete list of potential usage charges for your Atmos account.

How do I order a debit card?

In order to avoid the pollution and waste of printing and shipping cards for people who don’t plan to use them, Atmos does not automatically send debit cards to its customers upon account opening. To order an Atmos debit card, you must first make a deposit into your checking account. Then, inside of the web application, navigate to Checking to select the ‘Issue & Ship Debit Card’ button. To order an Atmos debit card inside of the mobile app, navigate to More>Cards and select the ‘Ship your physical card’ button. Please note: If you need to ship your card to an address different than the one on file, please email us at prior to issuing your debit card.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you notice that your physical debit card is lost or stolen, please log in to your Atmos account to lock your physical debit card. To lock your Atmos debit card through the web application, navigate to the Checking Account>Physical Card. To lock your Atmos debit card through the mobile app, navigate to More>Cards. Once your physical debit card has been locked, contact Atmos support to order a new debit card.

How do I activate my debit card?

Within your web browser: 

1) From your Home screen, click on the Checking Account

2) Found within the card management center, click on the tab for the card you want to activate

3) Click on Activate

Within your mobile app: 

1) Tap on the More tab

2) Under Mobile Banking, tap on Cards

3) Tap into the card you want to activate

4) Tap on Activate

What’s the difference between a physical and virtual debit card and when should I use them?

Both physical and virtual debit cards are accessible through your Atmos checking account. Physical and virtual debit cards each have a unique card number, both of which are linked to your Atmos checking account. Customers find virtual debit cards useful for online purchases or ongoing subscription services. Using a virtual debit card for online payments or subscriptions allows your services to be unaffected if you need to cancel and reissue your physical debit card for any reason.

Are there overdraft fees?

Atmos does not charge overdraft fees. Transactions that result in a negative account balance are automatically declined.

What purchases earn me cash-back?

Atmos is building the most inclusive, values-aligned, cash-back program in the world. Atmos customers automatically earn up to 5% cash-back on purchases at hundreds of sustainable businesses around the country, all of which can be found at Our cash-back affiliates are growing quickly and are primarily driven by customer demand. To include your favorite values-aligned businesses in our cash-back program, please reach out to us at

Can I use my Atmos debit card internationally?

Customers who have completed our security verification steps can enable international transactions (ATM or point-of-sale) directly in their Atmos web browser or mobile app. Please reach out to customer support if you have any questions.

To enable international transactions in your mobile app: 

1) Tap on 'More' in the navigation panel

2) Tap on 'Cards', then 'Debit Card'

3) Toggle international transaction to ON

To enable international transactions in your web browser: 

1) From the 'Home' screen, click on your Checking account

2) In the Card Management Panel, 'Enable' international transactions

Does Atmos charge foreign exchange rates or fees on international transactions?

Atmos does not charge incremental fees for international transactions.

Foreign exchange is assessed based on Mastercard's quoted rates on the date of the transaction.

How to set my debit card pin?

You can activate your pin in your web browser or mobile app. If you have an Android phone, PIN setting must be done in the web browser not in app.


Within your web browser:

1) From your Home screen, click on the Checking Account

2) Found within the card management center, click on the tab for the card you want to set a pin

3) Click on Set PIN

Within your mobile app:

1) Tap on the More tab

2) Under Mobile Banking, tap on Cards

3) Tap into the card you want to set a pin

4) Tap on Set a new PIN

Do I get charged for ATM withdrawals?

Atmos offers unlimited fee-free ATM access at over 55,000 ATMs worldwide via the Allpoint ATM Network. If you wish to access cash by using an ATM outside of this contracted ATM network, you may be charged a fee by the provider of that ATM. Atmos will not reimburse you for these ATM or other fees that they may charge.

Where can I find fee-free ATMs?

To find the fee-free ATM closest to you, download our mobile app by searching “Atmos Financial'' in your App Store. 

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Once logged in, finding a convenient fee-free ATM is easy by navigating to Find ATMs within the Move Money tab.

You can also go to the Allpoint website and see locations there.

How does Atmos Round-up work?

Atmos offers a Round-up program for its debit cards. When enabled, Atmos automatically rounds up each purchase to the nearest $1.00. Rounded amounts may range between $0.01 and $0.99. You can elect to donate your rounded-up change to a participating nonprofit or sweep it to any one of your personal savings accounts within Atmos. You can turn this feature ON or OFF or change the beneficiary of your rounded change directly from within the web application or from your Atmos mobile app.

Does Atmos offer checkbooks?

No, at this time Atmos does not offer checkbooks and does not support 3rd party check printing services.

Does Atmos pay interest on my checking account?

No, the balance in your Atmos checking account does not earn interest. Atmos savings accounts offer one of the highest savings rates in the country, and unlimited, free transfers allow you complete control to maximize your earnings while banking on climate.

Why do gas stations charge me $175 and then hold it for several days when I only spent a few dollars?

First off, we agree that this is incredibly frustrating and we wish there was something we could do about it.

Visa and Mastercard set the limits that the gas station is allowed to hold and then the gas station sets the amount. This limit used to be $100, but with the recent rise of global fossil fuel prices, they've increased the limit to $175.

In order to not have this hold placed on your Atmos debit card at a gas station, you'll either need to withdraw cash from an ATM and pay that way, or check to see if they don't charge the same hold fee inside at the Clerk's terminal.

Savings Account

Am I charged monthly fees for having an Atmos savings account?

No, Atmos savings accounts are free and accessible to all legal residents of the United States. Atmos reserves the right to charge for certain services in the future. Refer to our Schedule of Fees and Services for a complete list of potential usage charges for your Atmos account.

What savings rate do I get on my account balance?

Your savings rate is not tiered based on account balance. No matter what your balance is, all customers earn the same great annualized savings rate of 1.2%. All customers can double their savings yield to earn an annualized rate of 2.4% across their entire savings balance by making a monthly recurring donation to at least one participating nonprofit. Your eligible savings rate, either 1.4% or 2.8%, is applied across the entire balance you have in Atmos savings accounts.

Interested in learning more about how your monthly rebate is calculated? Learn more.

How many savings accounts can I have?

Each customer can create up to five unique savings accounts. Each savings account has a unique account number, to help you more effectively manage your finances and more quickly meet your savings goals.

Are there reasons I shouldn’t have more than one savings account?

Absolutely not. Maintaining multiple savings accounts is a useful tool for people to more effectively manage their finances and more quickly meet their savings goals. There is no cost to having multiple savings accounts with Atmos. Your eligible savings rate is applied across all accounts.

How much do I have to donate each month to get the doubled savings bonus?

Your entire balance across all of your Atmos savings accounts is eligible for a 1.2% bonus yield when you make monthly recurring donations to at least one participating nonprofit. That doubles your 1.2% savings rate to 2.4%! You can make an eligible recurring donation by giving at least 10% of your savings rate and/or by giving at least $1 each month. For these published savings rates, here's the math: 

For account holders with a savings balance less than $8,000, the lowest recurring monthly donation amount to be eligible for the savings boost would be achieved by donating 10% of your savings rate. For account holders with a savings balance in excess of $8,000, the lowest recurring monthly donation amount to be eligible for the savings boost would be achieved by donating a fixed amount of $1.

Donations to Nonprofits

Is Atmos a donation platform or a bank?

Atmos is a banking platform. Atmos customers are not required to make philanthropic donations. In order to build additional recurring revenue streams for leading environmental nonprofits on the frontlines of the climate crisis, Atmos provides each customer a financial incentive to increase their rate of giving. All acts of philanthropic giving are processed fee-free and Atmos often provides matching programs to increase its own direct support of participating nonprofits.

Why are philanthropic donations through Atmos more efficient?

Fundraising services can charge fees upwards of 8% of the total gift amount. Common payment processing companies like Stripe or Paypal charge between 3-5% of the total gift amount. As your banking provider, Atmos has made the decision to enable your support of participating nonprofits without charging fees for doing so. What you give, is what they get.

Can I recommend another nonprofit to the Atmos platform?

Yes, Atmos is frequently adding new environmentally-related nonprofits to the platform. If you have a relationship with a nonprofit committed to environmental sustainability and would like to use Atmos to process your donations, please contact us at

Can I donate to more than one non-profit?

Yes, you can make one-time and recurring donations to as many of the participating non-profits as you like. To donate your savings yield, you can allocate to a maximum of ten organizations. To allocate your debit card round-up, you can only choose one non-profit at a time — but you may switch the beneficiary organization at any time, and as often as you like. The round-up funds will be collected and sent with the other monthly donations at the beginning of each month.

Does Atmos get credit for my nonprofit donations?

No, Atmos does not claim credit for your donations. All of your donations, including donations processed from the 2.4% boost added to your savings rate for recurring donations, are yours. Donations are tracked and are visible at any time by accessing your Donation Summary within the Atmos application. You may use the Donation Summary for tax-reporting purposes.

Does Atmos keep track of my donations for tax reporting purposes?

Yes, to help keep you organized and keep track of your giving history, Atmos tracks all philanthropic giving, accessible via Donation Summary within the Atmos application.

Security & Privacy

How does Atmos ensure the security of my personal and account information?

Customer security is our top priority. Atmos integrates robust system-level security with security-by-design elements to build comprehensive threat mitigation. More information may be found by referencing this link.

Does Atmos sell my information to other companies?

No, Atmos never sells or shares your personal information for commercial purposes. Outlined in our Terms of Service, Atmos may share certain account information if required by law.

Should I share my log-in information?

To maintain the integrity of your account, you should never share your log-in information.

What if I notice unauthorized transactions on my account?

Please immediately lock your physical and virtual debit cards and contact Atmos support.

Can I use two-factor authentication to secure my account?

Yes, Atmos offers to and encourages all customers the option of securing their account by using two-factor authentication (“2FA”). When turned on, two-factor authentication requires customers to be in possession of their phone to retrieve the numeric code provided by an authentication app. Additional instructions to set-up 2FA can be found by navigating to Settings>Security within your Atmos web application.

What are my single purchase and daily transaction limits?

Atmos places single transaction and aggregate daily transaction limits on accounts based on a customer’s account history and security level. We do this to protect each of our customers. 

Please reach out to if you have additional questions regarding adjusting your transaction limits.

What happens if I need to spend more than my transaction limit allows?

No problem, we’ve got you covered! Atmos initially declines transactions that exceed your account’s single transaction or aggregate daily transaction limit as a safety precaution against unusual spending patterns or lost/stolen cards. To verify that you (the account holder) legitimately initiated the transaction, Atmos sends a push notification to your cell phone through the mobile app (you’ll need to download the app and have your phone with you). Once you authorize the transaction through the mobile app, Atmos temporarily increases your spending limits. The transaction will be authorized on your 2nd attempt. 

Please reach out to if you have additional questions regarding your transaction limits. 

Can I receive notifications of my account activity?

Yes, you can choose to receive notifications for all transactions. This helps you ensure the integrity of your banking application. To enable transaction notifications, navigate to More >Security & Notifications within your native Atmos mobile application.

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How to use the Atmos app

How to apply for an Atmos account in under 2 minutes