Frequently Asked Questions

What do banks have to do with climate change?

Banks have influence over society in many subtle ways, more than many of us realize. Through access to the credit markets, banks and other financial intermediaries have the capacity to bolster or bankrupt individual companies and entire industries. Through low-cost mega loans and other favorable financial products, many of the world’s largest banks directly support companies that many of us would never consider supporting on a personal level.

Think about it:  Do you really know what your bank does with your money? The truth is that widespread support of the world’s biggest social and environmental justice offenders actually far exceeds support for a better tomorrow. How are we as a society supposed to address and improve upon serious systemic issues when institutionalized practices and the flow of capital through the economy are working against those very interests?

Atmos has been created to provide customers direct access to building the tomorrow they want to see. Your money absolutely makes a difference. Atmos will use its deposits to directly invest in a clean, fair, and transformed economy for all and we’ll show you where every cent goes so you know this isn’t another marketing scheme. Direct climate loans make a measurable difference and anything less than that is not enough. Together we will reach that tipping point and create the change we know is necessary.

What makes Atmos different?

Atmos is building financial services products that are accessible for everyone. Atmos deposits will support climate positive projects to accelerate our transition to a clean, fair and transformed economy. 

Are you actually a bank?

Atmos is not a bank. We offer FDIC-insured banking products through partnerships with FDIC-member banks.

Are the accounts FDIC insured?

Yes, individual accounts up to $250,000 will be protected with FDIC insurance through FDIC-member banks. Your money is as safe with Atmos as it is with any other banking entity.

What products do you offer?

Account activation isn’t available yet. Very soon, you’ll be able to open High Impact Online Savings Accounts. Regular progress updates and product launches will be sent out to our mailing list or announced on one of our various social media platforms. Please join our mailing list to stay informed!


What values-aligned member organizations are you a part of?

We are a Pending B-Corp, 1% For the Planet member and a proud member of the Conservation Alliance.

What technology solutions will you have to make your customers’ lives easier?

We want you to know that you’re our number one priority. While we’ve launched Atmos to drive meaningful climate change (the other type of change!), this wouldn’t work if we offered a lesser banking product to our customers. The days of sacrificing convenience for doing the right thing are over.

We’ll offer all of the technology that you’ve come to expect from your digital banking partners and then some. Our technology suite will improve over time as we hire more people and build more products. We’re working on this feverishly. If you have specific ideas or requests, or if something is not working for you, we want to know about it. Please email us at