Frequently Asked Questions

What do banks have to do with climate change?

Banks have influence over society in many subtle ways, more than many of us realize. Through access to the credit markets, banks and other financial intermediaries have the capacity to bolster or bankrupt individual companies and entire industries. Through low-cost mega loans and other favorable financial products, most of the world’s largest banks directly prop up companies that many of us would never consider supporting on a personal level. And yet we are doing just that, while earning next to nothing on our deposits.

Banks are able to get away with this by downplaying those relationships and business practices and highlighting feel good stories. Think about it:  Do you really know what your bank does with your money? The truth is the widespread support of the world’s biggest social and environmental justice offenders actually far exceeds support for a better tomorrow. How are we as a society supposed to address and improve upon serious systemic issues when institutionalized practices and the flow of capital through the economy are working against those very interests? Without any doubt, the  existing banking industry lags behind the evolving values of society and keeps us rooted in the past.

Enter Atmos. Atmos has been created to provide customers direct access to building the tomorrow they want to see. And yes, your money does absolutely make a difference.

What are my deposits funding?

It’s hard work to create a new model for climate-focused banking. While we’ve embarked on this quest with determination and unflinching resolve, we aren’t able to launch all products simultaneously. We ask that you trust us and join us on this journey. We promise we’ll get there very soon.

Through our bank partner, Evolve Bank & Trust, Atmos sends its deposits to various FDIC-insured banking institutions around the country. While those banks may have a diverse portfolio of loans, we make sure your Atmos deposits are only funding climate-positive infrastructure. There are a number of exciting announcements around the corner that will deepen your impact as an Atmos account holder. In the meantime you can help support some of the most inspiring non-profit organizations creating positive change in the world, everyday.

Stay tuned!

Do I have access to my money at any time?

Yes, transfer money in and out as you need it. Atmos offers complete liquidity with no lock-up periods. We’ll be here to put your money to work in climate-positive ways when it makes sense for you. Note: While you can access your money at any time, some banking features may not yet be available or may be restricted based on the account access you have. Please reach out with questions if you need access to specific banking features or services.

Is my money protected with FDIC insurance?

Yes, individual accounts up to $250,000 will be protected with FDIC insurance through FDIC-member banks.

What are your security prototols?

All Atmos accounts are protected by enterprise-grade SSL security. Not only are your website experiences encrypted to the highest standards, we also encrypt any stored data at rest, ensuring that you and all of our other customer’s data is secured. For more details, please read this article by our CTO.

Is Atmos a bank?

Atmos is not a bank. Atmos is a climate fintech company that partners with banks to offer FDIC-insured deposit products and to direct customers deposits towards a clean economy, and a healthy, resilient planet.

What other Atmos products are available?

Available products include savings and checking accounts for individuals. As soon as humanly possible, we’ll be refining and launching additional products to better serve our deposit customers. We’ll also be launching a few climate-positive loan products to rapidly accelerate our collective transition to a clean, fair, and transformed economy. Our banking apps will directly link your money to all the good things that Atmos is doing out there in the world and we’ll pay you higher rates and rewards for the privilege of using your money to accomplish these goals.

Do you offer investment products?

Atmos is not a registered investment advisor and does not offer investment advice or investment products. There are some wonderful climate-focused investment products available on the market. Please check our Offers page within the app for referrals or contact us at

Are you a B Corp? 

Atmos is a Pending B Corp. We have initiated the process and will complete the certification as soon as we can.

Does Atmos have mobile apps?

We do! We have both and iOS app on the Apple App Store, as well Android apps Google Play for Android.