About Us

Why, How, What

Our Vision

Everyone, everywhere, taking action towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy.

Our Mission

Finance the rapid transition to the clean economy for all.

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Letter from the Founders

The trajectory of human industry has left an unmistakable scar on the well-being of our planet. Though immense prosperity has been created, the cost has proven severe. There is little doubt that anthropogenic climate change is now a reality that is affecting the lives of billions of us here today and every human being yet to be born. The extent of that impact is now up to all of us. 

Atmos was created out of this context, and with the necessity to change the status quo. The flow of capital in society is a critical component for change, and yet the current inertia is limiting the progress we desperately need. The flow of capital must adapt and evolve to reflect current circumstances and values, not those of prior generations. 

Our goal is to provide permanent positive environmental and societal impact by shifting money away from activities that directly harm our planet and towards those that help preserve it. Our pledge is to only lend to sectors that help to rapidly accelerate our transition towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy. Our intent is to flatten financial barriers so that everyone can participate in and benefit from a carbon-free future. 

To achieve this impact, we need everyone to get involved. Everybody has the power to be a part of the climate solution, and only with everybody will we create the catalytic change required to meet this challenge. Small changes at the individual level are not lost causes. They are indeed the key and a necessary precursor to systemic transformation. How we interact with the world around us - where we bank, how we power our homes and vehicles, and the intention with which we live - matters.

This is not a charity, nor are we asking you for a charitable act. We are on a mission to develop the best technology solutions and banking experience available so that you never again have to give up convenience or yield for doing the right thing. 

These goals are long-term by design and will never be sacrificed for short-term opportunism. We believe that a shared vision with our customers and the mutual trust built over a lifetime will create the positive change our climate -- and our world -- need.

Yours truly, 
Ravi Mikkelsen & Pete Hellwig

Our Core Values


Our work is rooted in our love for Earth and all of its inhabitants. This love drives our deep commitment to addressing the complex problem of climate change. Love is our true north. This means we commit to treating everyone with love, respect, and compassion. This also means dedicating ourselves to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity. After all, we can’t have a clean economy for all unless everyone is a part of it.

Urgency with Bias Towards Action

The time for an easeful transition off of fossil fuels is behind us. We need to push the bounds of what is possible to minimize further temperature rise and resulting harm. Urgency means doing our best to solve these problems proactively and efficiently — without taking short cuts, falling prey to short-termism, or sacrificing the interests of potential allies.

Trust and Transparency

We commit to full transparency in all things, all the time. This may seem like common sense, but it’s far from common practice in the banking industry. We want all of our customers’ deposits funding a fair, just and climate-forward economy, and we want to build trust with our customers that last a lifetime, so that they never again have to question the values or motivations of their bank.

We know that we can’t engineer that sort of trust, so we’re dedicated to showing what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, every step of the way.

A group of people planting a tree

Continued Learning

The climate change we’re witnessing is a result of generations of complex interactions. This complexity is one of our biggest challenges and it’s vital we all understand how we got here and what systems, behaviors, and beliefs led to our current predicament. Through a process of continual learning, we’ll do our best to avoid the mistakes of our forebears. That’s not to say we won’t make our own mistakes, but let them be ours, unique to our time and the evolution of our thoughts.

Our platform will adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and needs of our society.

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