An unbeatable solar loan with the lowest total cost for most buyers
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Solar Loans That Are Good for Your Wallet and Good for the Earth
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Every early repayment lowers monthly bill.
No loan payments for 6 months!
Up to 90% lower financing fees & low monthly payments.
Atmos Solar Loans are a superior option for financing, the most cost-effective means to embrace clean energy.
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How Atmos is Different
Discover reliable and Atmos-approved solar installers near you and get your good-for-the-Earth solar installed today!
A graph comparing Atmos solar loans vs others. Atmos has these features: fixed rates for the full term, covers% of project costs, automatic ITC re-amortization, optimize for lowest monthly payment, secured by UCC-1 filing, no prepayment penalties, ongoing re-amortization with every prepayment greater than $500, ability to upsize loan later for O&M, lowest all-in financed amount with framatic reduction of dealer fees, long-term alignment with financial partner with complete transparency
Discover Reliable Atmos-Approved Solar Installers Near You
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Atmos Approved installers are the best, most experienced installers in the business, ensuring our customers always get the highest quality level of service. Are you an installer and want to join our network? Contact our solar team!
Significant Impact for Small Businesses

Solar loans that benefit your 
bottom line

Atmos Financial offers commercial solar loans up to $250,000 that are designed specifically for small businesses.

Solar and Storage Projects Tailored for Small Businesses
Where main street businesses meet project finance. Atmos solar loans are engineered to generate free cash flow and make energy independence a reality for more small businesses.
Maximum Borrower Flexibility
We believe that going solar should make financial sense for every business, regardless of size. That's why our loans have more flexibility for more borrowers.
Quick and Hassle-Free Process
Get an offer in minutes instead of waiting for months with other lenders. Our streamlined application process ensures that you can secure financing for your solar project quickly & efficiently, so you can get back to the things that matter.

Take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future for your business.
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Commercial Solar loans

How it works

Complete an application

We partner with the industry's most respected installers. Easily fill out our application to complete a soft credit check.

Installer submits project info

Your installer will submit project information, which we'll use to customize your loan proposal.

Upload business documents

Log back in to your application to upload additional underwriting and business documents for review.

Final credit review

Atmos will review your documents to provide you with a formal offer of credit.

Sign your loan agreement

Once approved, Atmos will generate the loan agreement for your signature. Your installer is notified, and you’re on your way towards clean energy independence!

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