Turnkey Clean Energy Lending Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

Atmos helps lenders build high-performance portfolios supporting the clean economy.

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Lending solutions feature

Lead in Fast-Growing Sectors
Accelerate your growth strategy and become a leader in one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy
Instant Local Energy Loans
Get immediate access to hyper-local residential and commercial clean energy loans that meet your strict credit and lending requirements
Supportive Partnerships
Build lasting partnerships with customers and industry stakeholders to help support ancillary products and services
Effortless Portfolio Management
Easily activate and monitor your portfolio with credit analytics and loan visualization tools

How It Works

Atmos app showing business savings home page with list of accounts

By placing funds into an Atmos bank account, you are paving the way for the creation of climate loans. Atmos allocates 100% of its loans to clean energy projects. This is banking re-imagined.

Your deposited funds don't sit idle, they’re hard at work. We partner with  community banks, credit unions and project developers across the country to build clean energy infrastructure.

Computer showing example of Atmos Account interface
image of united states with dots scattered throughout the northeast representing the residential solar systems that Atmos customers have financed

Your money makes a differences, Atmos makes it possible. Together we are financing the rapid transition to the clean economy for all. 

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