woman with laptop on her knees looking at her Atmos account with icons of clean energy resources that she is funding with her account

Align your savings account with your impact.

With an Atmos business savings account, you can combine the best of both worlds – robust banking features and a 100% climate positive guarantee.

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“Atmos Financial stands apart as a climate positive banking partner. They combine a commitment to creating a banking option for individuals and businesses that is truly climate positive, with an incredible technology platform. As a client, you definitely feel the lift of the values alignment and the delightful interface. Atmos has been a 1% for the Planet member for several years - they are a high integrity partner always pushing for that next level of excellence. Couldn’t be more grateful to be an individual and business client, and I’m excited about the path forward with Atmos!”

Kate Williams

CEO 1% For the Planet

How It Works

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By placing funds into an Atmos bank account, you are paving the way for the creation of climate loans. Atmos allocates 100% of its loans to clean energy projects. This is banking re-imagined.

Your deposited funds don't sit idle, they’re hard at work. We partner with  community banks, credit unions and project developers across the country to build clean energy infrastructure.

Computer showing example of Atmos Account interface
image of united states with dots scattered throughout the northeast representing the residential solar systems that Atmos customers have financed

Your money makes a differences, Atmos makes it possible. Together we are financing the rapid transition to the clean economy for all. 

Account balance:
$0 $5,000$250,000

Saved from the atmosphere:

5.85 tons of CO2/yr.1

That's equivalent to:

13,169 miles

Not driven per year2

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Our most commonly asked questions.

Are these account climate positive?

Yes, 100% of funds deposited with Atmos Financial are utilized for climate infrastructure.

Are there any minimums or fees?

Nonprofit savings accounts are fee free and require no minimums to open or operate.

Can I request a new feature?

Reach our support team at support@joinatmos.com. We want your feedback!

What is the savings rate?

Atmos offers up to a 4% savings rate on nonprofit savings accounts. Find more info here.