Why Atmos?
Use your money to build a better tomorrow with
the world's most climate-focused bank account

Banking with a Purpose

With 100% of your deposits funding clean energy projects, every dollar of your money directly fuels climate progress.

Our Collective Impact
Pounds of CO2e1 that never
entered the atmosphere
How Do We Calculate This?
Your Money is a Climate Solution
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Fund Green Projects

Through a growing network of national partners, Atmos exclusively invests your money in solar and climate projects.
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Fund Green Projects

Through a growing network of national partners, Atmos exclusively invests your money in solar and climate projects.
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Celebrate Your Impact

With every dollar directed to clean energy, you can track the positive impact of your personal deposits while you earn rewards for shopping sustainably and donating to environmental nonprofits.

What You Fund

What is Utility Scale Solar?

Utility-scale solar includes solar power generation facilities that generate greater than 1 megawatt (MW) of energy.
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What is Residential Solar?

Residential solar includes panels, batteries and all related electrical work to power a single house. Atmos funds solar loans for your home.
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Funding Progress

When your money is with Atmos, it will never be used toward causes or activities harmful to the planet.

Instead, it will help decarbonize the banking industry and move us toward a clean, fair and transformed economy.

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Questions About Impact

This seems too good to be true, how is Atmos fixing the climate crisis?

Atmos provides all account holders the ability to activate their money to create measurable, positive climate impact. Put simply, Atmos deposits are matched with partner banks that directly fund Atmos solar loans. By directly reducing emissions through the deployment of renewable energy, your money acts as a carbon sink.

What makes Atmos different from other money + climate solutions?

While some money + climate solutions are focused on mutual funds or retirement investments (we love them too!), and some banks certainly fund some ‘Good for the World’ solutions, through a first-of-its-kind banking model, Atmos is the only FDIC-insured banking option in the world that allows you to leverage 100% of every dollar to create positive environmental change.

Why is Atmos funding solar right now?

As a climate solution, Atmos is focused intentionally and wholly on emission reduction. While offsets are an important contributor to a portfolio of climate solutions, immediate emission reduction has far greater influence over our ability to meet our climate goals. Deployment of renewable energy technologies is a necessary step to reducing our economy’s reliance on fossil fuel production.

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