Embrace the Potential of Climate-Positive Banking

When you deposit your money with Atmos, we pledge that those deposits will be used exclusively to fund climate-positive infrastructure and accelerate our transition to a clean, fair and transformed economy.

Our Impact, and counting 70,102,286 lbs of CO2e1

How it works

Atmos is partnering with financial institutions to put your deposits to work. As deposits are placed into climate-positive projects around the country, we show you the carbon impact of your account balance.

We show you the indicative impact of intentional banking with Atmos to illustrate just how much power your money has. Your money is your vote is your power.

What we will support

Renewable Energy
Regenerative Agriculture
Electric Transportation
Weather Resilience
Building Electrification
Energy Efficiency Overhauls

What we won't support

Fossil Fuel Extraction
Clean energy projects that displace Black, Indigenous, or other Frontline Communities.
Fast Fashion Clothing
Industrial Agriculture
Industrial Livestock Production
Generic Real Estate
Everything Else...

Preview your Impact

By funding renewable energy around the country, every dollar with Atmos can avoid emissions of 1.85 lbs CO2/yr (last updated: 2021-11-22).

Looking for a way to help combat climate change? Where you bank matters.

How we calculate this 〉
Account balance:
$0 $5,000$250,000

Saved from the atmosphere:

5.85 tons of CO2/yr.1

(The average American carbon footprint is 16 tons/yr – one of the highest in the world.)

Thats's equivalent to:

13,169 miles

Not driven per year2

atmos proudly supports various nonprofit partners like grid alternatives, 350 and many others. The nonprofit logos scroll through the image pleasantly and soothingly.

Support climate leadership, directly from your account

Atmos makes it easier to support leading climate nonprofits. Round-up on purchases or automatically donate monthly from savings, entirely fee-free. Audit-ready records accessible whenever you need them.

See Nonprofits 〉

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