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Atmos rewards all cardholders for shopping at businesses that protect and preserve Earth
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Your customers love your values, show them a little extra love in return

Your customers love your values, show them a little extra love in return

Each time an Atmos cardholder makes a purchase at your business, they’ll earn 1-5% cashback, automatically deposited into their account every month, all at no cost to you. With your help, Atmos is providing more incentives to support the values-aligned economy. 

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Get in on a piece of the action by promoting the Atmos ecosystem to your customers

Unique referral codes ensure that your business is able to benefit when you inform your customers of this offer, a complete values-aligned ecosystem that rewards heart-forward saving, spending and sharing.

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Atmos will promote your company among participating businesses. Give your customers the power to take climate action by sharing about Atmos with your unique code.

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Atmos will pay out referral fees to commercial partners once a quarter, and customer cash-back rebates once a month. That’s it!

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