If you knew what your bank did with your deposits, would they still be your bank?

What Your Deposits Can Earn

Atmos is not a bank. Atmos is a climate fintech company that utilizes various banking partners to offer FDIC-insured deposit products like our AtmosACTION Savings Accounts. We do this to remove barriers so that everyone has the ability to contribute towards making the climate solutions we urgently need.

Account Balance
< $9,999.99
$10,000.00 - $24,999.99
> $25,000.00
Savings Rate*

Savings Rate* includes 0.11% increase when linked to automatic monthly recurring nonprofit donations.

What Your Deposits Can Build

Your money won't sit in an Atmos vault. We are partnering with values-aligned banks to ensure your money is a force for good in the world and not being used to subsidize extractive industries. Once we have built up a sufficient deposit base, Atmos will transform your deposits into direct action on climate change, making loans to fund the transition to the next-generation clean economy.

Like the lists below, you'll get to see exactly what types of projects that your money is financing and the climate impact that it's having. You'll never again have to question what your money is funding.

What we will support

Renewable Energy
Regenerative Agriculture
Electric Transportation
Weather Resilience
Building Electrification
Energy Efficiency Overhauls

What we won't support

Fossil Fuel Extraction
Clean energy projects that displace Black, Indigenous, or other other Frontline Communities.
Fast Fashion Clothing
Industrial Agriculture
Industrial Livestock Production
Generic Real Estate
Everything Else...