Bank with Intention,
Banking for Change

If you knew what your bank did with your deposits, would they still be your bank?

Many of the biggest banks use their customers’ deposits to provide low-cost loans to the fossil fuel industry and other industries harmful to the environment and disadvantaged communities. Some just make generic real estate loans or create complicated financial instruments for their own profit. Greenwashing and marketing spin leaves all of us confused and misinformed, inhibiting us from making the climate progress we urgently need. 

Atmos will use 100% of your deposits to fund our transition to the next-generation clean economy, in balance with the climate. While you’ll never have to question our ethics or guess what your money is funding, we’ll publish our detailed portfolio in case you do, because we aren’t satisfied with just talking the talk. We’ll let our loans speak for us.

 Chart Source: Rainforest Action Network

What we will lend to

Renewable Energy
Regenerative Agriculture
Electric Transportation
Weather Resilience
Building Electrification
Energy Efficiency Overhauls

What we won't lend to

Fossil Fuel Extraction
Clean energy projects that displace Black,
Indigenous, or other other Frontline Communities.
Fast Fashion Clothing
Industrial Agriculture
Industrial Livestock Production
Generic Real Estate
Everything Else...