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Feb 24, 2022

25% Back on Our Spring 2022 Climate Reading List

The interconnected nature of our world continually feeds us scary stories about the impacts of climate change. 

At Atmos we know that the solution to this challenge is community growth, empathy, and collective action… and we know that we’re on our way to realizing the future we know is possible. Engaging with people from all backgrounds, their diverse perspectives, and lived experiences is the lens through which we can achieve successful partnership and cooperation for real climate action. 

Crowd-sourced by our members, for our members, here is your curated reading list for Spring 2022!

Whether you are kickstarting your climate journey, seeking new impactful ways to engage yourself and your community, or deepening your understanding of marginalized voices within this movement, this list represents writings from some of the most compelling climate champions. 

Fresh Banana Leaves by Dr. Jessica Hernandez 

Some of the most impacted communities of climate crises worldwide are Indigenous. Dr. Hernandez uses a combination of stories and history to show how a path forward and a truly healthy relationship with the Earth around us, is not western conservation but Indigenous knowledge. 


Saving Us by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe 

Climate communication has become a skill set in high demand to alter the path of our changing climate. Dr. Hayhoe demonstrates how everyday conversations can have massive ripple effects. From the Thanksgiving table to around the water cooler we are given the skills to grow the number of people listening and taking action to Save Us all. 

Drawdown by Paul Hawken 

Every aspect of this book is researched and you come out the other side with a deep knowledge of current and proposed climate solutions. A realistic look at a hopeful future of the climate. If you’re looking for more reads by Paul Hawken consider reading Regeneration and Blessed Unrest.

Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Net Zero Is Not Enough by Holly Jean Buck 

To end our dependence on fossil fuels the only path forward is an actual zero approach that requires the cessation of extraction not net zero. This isn’t a straightforward process to understand or undertake, Buck has taken on the arduous task of making the true state of net zero clear and paths past this to a future in which we all thrive clear for readers. 

The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet by Leah Thomas

Coming out next month, The Intersectional Environmentalist is an introduction to the intersection between environmentalism, racism, and privilege, and an acknowledgment of the fundamental truth that we cannot save the planet without uplifting the voices of its people -- especially those most often unheard.

Reach out to your local bookstore to ask them to carry this book on their shelves!

Pick up a copy of any one of these powerful, beautiful books from a local or used bookstore. Send your receipt to before Earth Day 2022 (April 22nd) to receive a 25% reimbursement for your purchase (limited to these titles only). 

Have you read one (or more) of these books? Have others to recommend? Please let us know in the chat!

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