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Sep 17, 2021
Product Updates

Atmos Launches Checking, Debit Cards, Cash-back, iOS and Android apps

NOTE: this post was originally sent out to our clients as an update email.

As you may have seen over this past month with the release of the new IPCC report, the droughts & fires across the West, and the landing of tropical cyclones seemingly every few days, the climate crisis is worsening. 

Take heart. More people around the world are waking up to the fact that we must all act together. Personal action leads to systemic change. With your help and support as an Atmos customer, we’re redefining what is possible within the banking system. We will meet the climate challenges that lay ahead. 

We’re so excited to share with you this major release to align more facets of your banking life with reversing global warming. 

  1. Checking Accounts w/ Debit Cards  — Adding to our high-yielding savings you can now open an FDIC-insured, climate-positive checking account. You can issue both a physical and virtual debit card to increase security and convenience, get up to 5% cash back on mission-aligned purchases, access over 55,000 ATMs fee-free, and add the card to your mobile wallets.
  2. Up to 5% Cash Back — When you use your Atmos debit card to pay for clean energy subscriptions, EV charging, or buy from farmers markets or sustainable fashion brands, we’ll rebate you up to 5% back each month. This is the most inclusive cash back program on Earth, for Earth.
  3. iOS and Android Apps — Lock/unlock your card, initiate a transfer, find an ATM, see your impact, and more, all while on the go. Available for Apple and in Android devices. 

Thank you to everyone who’s given us suggestions to improve our app and services. Log back in and see your suggestions in action!! If there are any products or features that you’d really like us to add, please let us know. We’re always eager to hear your feedback. You can book a 15-minute meeting to talk with the Atmos founding team or reach out over email, through our chat function on the website or in-application, or give us a ring. 

We have several very exciting product releases scheduled in the weeks ahead. You’ll be hearing from us soon!

More details

Checking Accounts

This week, we opened up access to our checking accounts! To add checking, log back in to your Atmos account, ensuring that you are on V2.8.1 or higher and look for the big “Open Checking” button in the upper right of your home screen. 

Once you do that and fund your checking account, you’ll be able to issue your debit cards! While we don’t have a minimum required balance to order your card, we do require that some money be deposited in order to avoid the waste and pollution of printing and shipping cards that won’t be used. It will take approximately 5 - 7 business days for your physical debit card to be printed and shipped to your home. You can immediately start to use your account through a virtual debit card with online purchases and in your mobile wallet. 

Up to 5% Cash Back on Mission-Aligned Purchases

Banking with Atmos is about getting more, not having less. Similar to earning higher savings rates for making a monthly-recurring donation to one of the nonprofits on our platform, we want to reward you for purchasing from companies that are helping to protect our home planet. There are nearly 150 companies qualifying for cashback rewards on the list and we’re adding new companies daily. Save on your community solar subscription from Arcadia Power (also get $25 in your Atmos account when you sign up), EV charging, “slow-fashion” from brands like Patagonia, organic & local food producers and more. If you have suggestions for additional brands, please let us know or have them reach out! 

Atmos On The Go! 

Making Atmos easier for you to use is our constant goal and one of the most-oft asked for products has been mobile apps. We are releasing both our iPhone and Android apps this week. To avoid clutter and not complicate matters, we are keeping the mobile apps a slimmed-down version of what’s available on the larger, web app. 

In the mobile apps, you’ll be able to activate, lock, and unlock your debit cards, make deposits and transfers, see the impact of your money, find the closest fee-free ATM, and chat with the Atmos team. 

For now, you’ll still need to do the following in the web app: link and manage external bank accounts, setup your monthly-recurring nonprofit donations, access your monthly statements, set up 2FA and other admin tasks.

When you do get the mobile app, please leave us a review as it will help others who are searching for climate-positive banking options.

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