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Nov 3, 2021

Atmos launches Round-Up Donations, Mobile Check Deposit, Higher Rates for all

NOTE: This was originally sent to clients as a product email, but is posted here for posterity.

Last month we brought you checking accounts, debit cards and mobile apps. Now we’re adding new features to enhance your banking experience. Together, we’re taking action to reverse global warming with our money.

This month, we’ve released: 

  1. Round-up — Make your change count with our new Round-up tool on Atmos debit cards. Round-up to any of your Atmos savings accounts, or directly to any Atmos nonprofit partner. Double your donation this November! If you elect to donate to an Atmos non-profit using round-up, Atmos will donate an equal amount to that which you generate. See details below
  2. Mobile Check Deposit — Available in your Atmos app for Apple or Android phones, depositing checks into your Atmos checking account is as easy as snapping a picture with your smartphone. 
  3. Higher Rates For All — Effective November 1st, all Atmos savings accounts earn the same base rate of 0.40%! Elect to provide recurring support to an environmental nonprofit and boost your rate to 0.51%.

Book a 15-minute meeting to apply for increased daily transaction limits, connecting multiple external accounts, and new features like mobile check deposit. Or use the time to tell us what features will make Atmos more convenient for you. 

We’re always eager to hear your feedback. Your Atmos team is always an email, chat or phone call away. 

More details


With every swipe of your Atmos debit card, make your change count a little more. Whether you want to pad your savings or increase your support of any one of the world-changing nonprofit organizations on the Atmos platform, round-up makes it easy. Toggle on/off or swap out nonprofits to spread the love, all from your Atmos app.

In celebration of you and in support of climate activists everywhere, this November, Atmos matches all round-up donations. Take part by turning on round-up donations on the “Checking” page of the Atmos web-app.  In the upper right you’ll see the button “Set Round-up”.

Round-up on web
Round-up on mobile

All settled purchases made between 00:00 PDT on November 01 and 23:59 PST are eligible for this promotion.

Supporting frontline organizations just got a lot easier! All donations are tracked in your Atmos dashboard. Toggle it on or off,  and change the nonprofit recipient or swap in your savings accounts as many times as you want to meet your financial and giving goals. 

Mobile Check Deposit

Available in your Atmos app for Apple or Android, now all customers who have through a security level upgrade can deposit checks directly into your Atmos checking account with your smartphone. Convenience-built features like mobile check deposit make digital banking a reality for more people. 

Inside of the mobile app, click on “More” and then “Deposit a check”. Deposit amounts are limited to $1,000 per check at the moment. Please let us know if you need to deposit larger amounts. 

To apply for a security level upgrade and get access to mobile check deposit as well as other features and improved transaction functionality, schedule a 15 minute appointment with the Atmos team. 

Mobile Check Deposit (RDC)

Higher Rates for All! 

We’re investing in the financial health of our customers. Atmos offers one of the highest savings rates in the country, and now we’re bringing that benefit to more people. Effective November 1st, regardless of balance, all Atmos savings accounts earn the same base rate of 0.40%! 

Then, if you provide recurring support to an environmental nonprofit, we’ll boost your rate to 0.51%. More for you, more for frontline organizations bringing energy to the climate crisis. 

Please let us know if there are any features or products that you’d like to have in your Atmos account and please share Atmos with your friends and family. 

With Gratitude, 

Team Atmos

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