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Apr 22, 2022

Celebrate Earth Day with Atmos

Earth Day isn’t just another day. It’s an opportunity to pause and give gratitude back to the planet. It’s an opportunity to take a small step — or a few — towards bringing our lives into balance. 

This Earth Day, we invite you to seize that opportunity. 

Get outside and put your hands in the dirt; engage with a non-profit’s Earth Day activities; introduce more earth-friendly products into your everyday rituals; start cleaning your personal finances. 

You can also amplify your impact by inviting your network to take their own action. Atmos makes it easy. Use your unique Atmos referral ID (located in mobile and web apps) to refer a friend and we’ll send $10 to you, to your friend, and to the climate non-profit of your choice. 

Whatever you do to put Earth first today, keep it going and make it part of your every day. 

I grew up in and around Nature - it's an integral part of my well-being and identity -  but it wasn't until my University orientation that I realized my mission in life was to help the world transition off of fossil fuels. My best days are when I am working towards that mission.

- Ravi Mikkelsen, Co-Founder

Today is not just about being a better steward for our planet. Earth Day is about honoring all of the beauty and gifts in our lives. There is nothing we can not do if we put our collective energy behind it.

- Pete Hellwig, Co-Founder

Choosing to talk about what the Earth is and how we can honor it is our responsibility to our following generations. We're spending Earth Day telling stories and inspiring future climate activists.

- River Mizell, Marketing Manager

My family totally electrified and weatherproofed our house - but we're just one family. I love working at Atmos because I know we are funneling millions of dollars away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy solutions.

- Vanessa Warheit, Strategic Partnerships Director

There are few things that I can work on as a software engineer that are as important as helping solve the climate crisis with Atmos.

- Niko Dunkel, Software Engineer

Nothing makes me feel more grounded than being in nature, like being in the incredible Glacier National Park. That's why I'm so thankful to be working towards a greener future with Atmos!

- Hailey Bongo, Software Engineer

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