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Apr 22, 2020
Personal Finance

Earth Day Atmos Webinar: Personal Investment Opportunities to Fight Climate Change

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In light of a biography, we asked each participant: "Why did you choose to focus on money to make the world a better place?


Melanie Lucas-Conwell
Unless we take down capitalism, money will constantly influence decision making at all levels. Embracing this reality, I'm excited to use existing financial tools towards creating a cleaner, regenerative future, and I'm encouraged by the many innovative and successful solutions that already exist!


Peter Hellwig, Atmos Financial
I'm doing this because I can't think of how better to positively impact climate than through money, and I can't think of a more important issue for me to work on than climate. I saw firsthand how large banks were using our money and knew that we weren't going to make meaningful change with the status quo.

Doug Heske, Newday Impact
I do the work that I do because I want to activate millions of responsibly minded individuals and institutions to make deep transformational change that helps build a better world. Part of my mission is to channel capital towards organizations (for profits and non-profits), but of equal importance is to educate and empower others and bridge the chasm between awareness and action.

Lila Holzman, As You Sow
My first post-college job was at a solar startup, where I came to fully appreciate how critical economic viability is to the social causes I care about. I later got my MBA from Wharton, where I continued to focus on social impact and how to use business as an effective, practical tool to promote positive change. Now at As You Sow, I use shareholder advocacy to make valid arguments as to why companies need to take action on ESG issues, and companies are indeed moving, which is especially rewarding to watch during a time of government inaction.

Kristin Hull, PhD, Nia Impact Capital
By shifting our assets and focusing on solutions, we can invest into the world we want to see. Empowering people with their finances may be the strongest lever we have to shift our economy toward justice, sustainability and diverse leadership.

Ian Monroe, ETHO Capital

Sanchali Pal, Joro
As an Economics major, I first became interested in the environment from the fundamental tension between growth and resource scarcity. The bad news is that greenhouse gas emissions are inextricable from consumption. The good news is that every time we spend money, we have an opportunity to vote for the world we want to create. How do we reverse the climate crisis? Follow the money.

Andrew Rodriguez, Change Finance
I founded Change Finance to “Invest in Service to Life”. Where capital is deployed, momentum follows. So, I work to allocate capital away from harm and towards healing, on the way to a planet that works for 100% of life.

Noah Strouse, HIP Investor
The power to transform our world begins with transforming our financial systems. By centering social and environmental impact in capital markets, we can help build a more just and sustainable economy and society.

Stacy Zielinski, CNote
I chose to focus on money because not everyone has equal access to it. As a small business owner and supporter of CDFIs, I see economic disparity as a glaring injustice that needs to be addressed on a larger scale. I want people to know that they, as one person, can make a difference through targeted impact investing.

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