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Nov 2, 2023

Effortless Mobile Check Deposits

The convenience of Mobile Check Deposit has returned to your Atmos app.

Ready to get started?

1. Log in to your Atmos app.

2. Tap on Move Money > Deposit a Check.

3. Follow all instructions and capture photos of your check.

4. And... that’s it! Your check will begin processing, and you'll be fueling the solar revolution one deposit at a time.

Don't have the app handy? No problem. Download it here for iOS or here for Android.

Let’s keep transforming our financial footprint together – your check is more than money; it's a step towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Should you need any assistance or have any questions, reach out to our dedicated support team at support@joinatmos.com.

P.S. We’re committed to making your experience stellar. Share your feedback on the Mobile Check Deposit feature – every opinion helps us grow!

Start your climate journey today - apply for an Atmos account in just 2 minutes.

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