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Jan 19, 2023

Letter from Founders, Our goals in 2023

Reflecting on our progress. For Atmos, it’s an opportunity to step back from the (sometimes manic) product development cycles we experience as a start-up, to recalibrate ourselves against our long-term mission. It’s an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our vision for what is possible.

Atmos was created with the intention to decarbonize the banking industry, and finance the rapid transition to the clean economy for all. This year, more than ever, we see the opportunity for Atmos to build on its foundation and play a pivotal role in catalyzing this monumental change.

Atmos is the world’s most climate-positive banking option. Our unique model activates 100% of customers’ deposits towards clean energy. Only a technology company can make such a pledge since traditional banks and credit unions - even the good ones - are broadly diversified across areas like real estate, business loans, and government treasuries. For anyone that wants to make a positive and measurable impact on climate change, banking with Atmos is one of the most direct and meaningful actions you can take.

But our mission was never intended to stop there. Because a single institution - when stacked up against the global monetary system - can only do so much alone.

Late last year our team, alongside partner banks, launched Atmos Solar Loans. This is no ordinary loan. Through our solar loans and follow-on loan products, Atmos is making it easy for banks around the country to accelerate more of their capital into climate-positive assets. We are now positioned to help every bank move closer to this vision.

Our goals for 2023 are a reflection of the need for strong leadership in climate finance and our desire to build a company and culture that serves our greater purpose:  

1. Improve existing products further to help more people align their money with climate.  

2. Help more banks participate in climate lending. Atmos develops hyper-focused lending processes by partnering with banks around the country to accelerate more capital into the things that matter. This year we will open up new lending markets across the U.S., and every loan will have a direct and measurable positive climate impact.

  3. Invest in our team. Each member of the Atmos team makes constant sacrifices to help further our collective mission. Doing something new is never easy, so we’ll be intentional about creating space to reflect on our progress, celebrate our growth, and continue expanding our team and capacity.

Behind each of these goals is a deep commitment to our customers. The trust that each of our customers place in us is sacred and we’ll honor it by being the best versions of ourselves. Everyday, we’ll strive to re-earn the right to serve you and to help build a clean, fair and transformed economy for all.

With gratitude,

Pete & Ravi

Atmos Co-Founders

Psst - see a summary of our impact so far below!

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