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Feb 15, 2021
Personal Finance

Maximize your Savings Rate when you Donate

Atmos is a steadfast believer in the power of collective action and our ability to meet the climate challenges that lie before us if we do so together.

That’s why Atmos automatically increases your savings rate by 0.11% when you connect your AtmosACTION account to a participating 501c3 on our platform. Donate a little or donate a lot, you’ll get a 0.11% boost across all of your Atmos savings accounts for paying it forward. It’s good for you, and great for them. 

And while other platforms charge a transaction fee, Atmos never charges money on these recurring donations. What you give is what they get. 

Join Atmos now to put your money where your heart is. It takes just a few minutes.

(Note: Example shows the highest savings rate based on an average daily account balance of $25,000 or more. See Rates here.)

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