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May 16, 2022

Meet Bailey - Atmos Customer & Supporter of Zero Foodprint

Carbon farming is one of the most affordable, effective solutions to combat the climate crisis. Healthy soils grow healthy organic foods that nourish our body and spirits – and healthy farms are also more resilient to a changing climate. Learn more about this multifaceted climate solution from an Atmos customer and her favorite partner nonprofit!

Bailey: My hope for the world is that we can come together as a community and collectively take action. I bank with Atmos because the major banking institutions left a terrible taste in my mouth. I felt so relieved to see that someone else had noticed the problem with banking, and was doing something to address it. AND Atmos makes it easy for me to support innovative climate solutions like Zero Foodprint!

Zero Foodprint is sequestering carbon and connecting consumers with the impacts of our food system. They inspire me to think creatively about how we can all create change. Soil is our answer!


At the nexus of the food system and climate change, Zero Foodprint works with member restaurants and other food businesses to fund grants to regenerative farm projects.

Zero Foodprint: By funneling just 1% of sales from restaurants into regenerative agriculture, we can mobilize a billion dollars for carbon sequestration and land restoration in America. Since 2020, Zero Foodprint has funded 52 regenerative farm projects – supporting farmers like Jesús Calzadillas, owner of the 9-acre Los Pinos organic vegetable farm.

We want to see the narrative around climate change shift from “sustainability” and “disaster mitigation” to a hopeful message of regeneration. We have solutions and we have time to turn this ship, but we need to act FAST. Despair only holds us back from meaningful action!

Funding is the main barrier to farmers and ranchers adopting these beneficial practices. That’s where Zero Foodprint comes in; the more donations we receive, the more acres we’re able to transform.


Join the thousands of Atmos customers who earn more by supporting leading environmental organizations. One hundred percent of your deposits with Atmos are used to support climate-positive infrastructure. – and 100% of your donations to nonprofits like Zero Foodprint go to helping strengthen climate activism around the country.

Want to join the soil revolution to help to build carbon sinks around the country? Log in to your Atmos account (on desktop) to:

  • Set up a recurring donation to Zero Foodprint from your AtmosACTION savings (this will automatically double your savings yield to .8%)
  • Set your debit card to round-up purchases to benefit Zero Foodprint and grantees like the Los Pinos Farm.

Want to spread the love further? Refer a friend using this link and Atmos will donate $20 to Zero Foodprint!

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