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Apr 16, 2024
Product Updates

Product Updates – April 16th 2024

Join us for a weekly review of our product updates made to optimize your account holding experience at Atmos. This week we’re excited to announce a beta test for a more secure way of sending wires and better metadata for P2P payments that tracks who received funds.

Personal and Business Banking

  • Beta test of new wire approval flow: Customers in the “beta” group can now send wires with added security and confidence. Each attempt to send a wire will prompt the customer to confirm the request by entering a 2FA code that they did intend to send the wire. After submitting a valid code, the wire will process and populate in the transaction details.
  • Better metadata for P2P transactions: Customers can now see the Atmos ID of the individual they’re sending funds to in the transaction details.

Loan Customers

Statements will now have correct formatting for interest and principal payments calculated year to date and over the loan’s lifetime.

Do you have product improvements you’d like to see in your Atmos account? Email us at support@joinatmos.com to share your feedback.

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