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Sep 28, 2022

Sustainable Denver

Denver - the name for the city, county, and capital of the beautiful state of Colorado. The 'Mile High City' is famous for its rich history, tasty cuisine, and gorgeous landscapes no matter where you look.

Whether you’re looking to take a stroll through Washington Park or have a bite to eat, make sure to use your Atmos card and earn cashback while supporting the fight for climate change!

8 Places to Earn Cashback on Groceries and Healthy Eats in Denver, Colorado

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Climate-wise Farms:

We’ve been enthralled by climate-wise farming because it’s a ‘multi-solving’ climate solution. Regenerative farming methods sequester carbon from the atmosphere and clean our air. It’s also fully organic. Purchasing produce from a local farm also reduces carbon emissions from shipping and refrigeration. And, as you probably know, local food is always the best!

Monroe Organic Farms

One of the oldest organic farms in Colorado, dating back to 1936. With almost a century of experience with organic and sustainable farming, Monroe Organic Farms grow healthy, organic food while conserving and respecting the natural environment in which they work. They also provide educational experiences to those who are climate and nature-focused. In addition to farmers markets in Boulder, you can find their produce at the following locations in Denver: 6th & York, Colfax & Colorado Blvd, Ellsworth & Broadway, Forest & 23rd St, Monaco & Florida, and Yale & Broadway.

SustainEd Farms

They grow delicious local produce, but their main focus is educational experiences that revolve around sustainability. SustainEd Farms also provides locally grown food to communities and schools in need through donations, the Farm Share program, and student-run farm stands at school sites. They are located at the following address: 2255 Sheridan Blvd Unit C285, Edgewater, CO 80214

Sprout City Farms

Started in 2010 by a group of farmers, teachers, researchers, community members, and business leaders, Sprout City Farms has created a platform for health, education, ecological stewardship, food justice advocacy, and neighborhood resiliency. Their student body is incredibly diverse as well, with 42 countries represented. You can find their bike farm stand on Niagara St. near the Denver Green School buses Fridays 12:30 - 1:30 pm, from August 12 - October 28. Or support their work more directly by participating in a CSA program

Sustainable Restaurants, Groceries, and Cafes

Take advantage of your Atmos card to receive cash back in one of many of Denver’s sustainable farming and organic groceries and restaurants. 100% local and fresh produce!

Zero Market

Organic, plastic-free, toxin-free, local-produced merchandise and products. These include napkins, spices, chopsticks, dish soap, bowls, bamboo utensils, and more. Support the local businesses and impact the fight against climate change.

Natural Grocers

Though it’s bigger than the typical grocery store we might support, this grocery only grows and sells 100% organic and non-GMO produce, pasture-based dairy, and hormone and antibiotic-free meat. All of their products are grown using sustainable agriculture systems. Established first in Golden, Colorado many moons ago, Natural Grocers has become one of the largest completely natural and sustainable grocers in the state of Colorado and beyond. 

The Green Collective Eatery

Treat yourself to some vegan, gluten-free, 100% organic dishes that will surely make your senses come alive. Whether you’re interested in a salad, smoothie, or some soup - you’ll make yourself happy while supporting their green business. Visit them at 2158 W. 32nd Ave, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80211.

Somebody People

Somebody People is one of the more interesting vegetable forward dining experiences that’s both comforting and adventurous. Farm to table and seasonal Mediterranean food that will melt your taste buds, Somebody People is a zero waste, zero harm restaurant. Located at 1165 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80210.

Sullivan Scrap Kitchen

Sullivan Scrap Kitchen is a small family-owned restaurant with a focus on reducing food waste by promoting sustainability through local farmers, ranchers and wineries and using every bit of every ingredient to completely eliminate waste. This restaurant uses years of knowledge and fine-dining skills to transform food that would often get thrown away in many fine-dining restaurants into something truly delicious. Visit them at 1740 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218.

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Lean into Sustainable Denver!

Earn up to 5% cash back at these fantastic businesses – and please let us know if there’s any that we missed! We are constantly adding new cashback partners based on your suggestions. 

Atmos is decarbonizing the banking industry by revolutionizing how bank deposits are used. Atmos uses 100% of every dollar deposited to support renewable energy projects that directly reduce climate emissions at the source. That means every day, as you sleep, swipe, or save, you’re fighting climate change while building a clean, fair, and transformed future for all. 

Bank with Atmos to earn up to 1.50% on your entire savings balance and 5% cashback when you shop at hundreds of sustainable businesses like those showcased for Denver. 

No minimum balance required, secure and - entirely fee-free. Atmos is an accessible banking platform where everyone can easily take climate action and fight the good fight together. It’s your money - let it reflect your values.


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