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Mar 12, 2023

We’re here for you — Atmos Deposits are Secure

By now, you may have read that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was taken into FDIC receivership yesterday.

Atmos does not work with Silicon Valley Bank. While this event will have an impact around the US, your deposits with Atmos are still safe and secure, working tirelessly to fund climate infrastructure and generate positive impact in the world.

Our primary bank partners:

- Are diversified outside of tech and mortgage-backed securities

- Do not engage in risky lending practices

For those impacted, we wish you a swift and positive resolution.

For those seeking climate-positive commercial banking relationships, we have arranged for expedited commercial account opening through one of our solar-loan partner banks. If you are interested in learning more, respond to this email.

Be confident knowing that your funds within Atmos Financial are safe, and hard at work positively impacting our world.

With Gratitude,

Ravi & Pete

Atmos Co-founders

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