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May 1, 2021
Product Updates

Atmos Makes it Free to Give... Huh?

If you donate regularly (or at all) to 501c3 organizations, you’re likely frustrated by the amount of fees charged by transaction processors. It’s true that payment processors often provide discounts on the fees they charge to nonprofits, but these fees net of discounts are still far too high.

How much of my donation is given to financial companies? 

The two largest payment processors for nonprofits are Stripe and Paypal. Paypal charges discounted “Charity Transaction Rates” of 2.20% plus $0.30 for US-denominated donations while Stripe charges 2.90% and $0.30. If organizations utilize fundraising platform services like Fundly, there is often a fee on top of payment processing, and donor contributions may be reduced by an additional 5% or more.  

In practical terms, for every $100 generously donated to serve a greater purpose, between $2.50 and $3.20 is removed as a payment processing fee. Donors benefit from the full transaction amount (inclusive of fees) for tax purposes, but organizations are provided just a little bit less. Multiplied across the millions of donors, transactions and incredible causes in the world that need funding, and it’s no wonder that these companies are so profitable.

No Fees For The Win!

Whether an Atmos customer sets a recurring monthly micro-donation or is overcome with spontaneous generosity to give in the moment, all donations are processed free of charge from your high-rate FDIC-insured AtmosACTION savings account or checking account. That means each organization gets just a little bit more in order to deliver more of the climate impact we all desperately need. Atmos also increases your savings rate when you give and tracks and maintains tax records for all of your giving directly within the application to make your life a little easier. 

Atmos supports some of the most impactful environmental nonprofit organizations in the US. Open your AtmosACTION account today to align your money with your values. 

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