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GRID’s solar projects serve low-income households and communities. Through a unique, people-first model, GRID is putting money back into families’ pockets and jumpstarting solar careers. Their vision is a successful transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone. Key programs include no-cost solar for low-income households, hands-on solar job training, solar for multifamily affordable housing providers, community solar, low-income solar policy, energy access internationally and in U.S. tribal communities, and clean mobility partnerships (EVs + charging).

GRID Alternatives

I love GRID's model for many reasons: the first is that they are helping low-income households participate in the clean energy transition now, the second is that they are providing "on the roof" training for new solar installers, and third, and where I've had the most experience with them is that they allow volunteers to come in and help with installations. On my first install with them, there were two people who had worked in the solar industry for a decade, but never installed a system before. One of them had never even held a drill or driver before. That very first day, they were up on a roof (safely), using tools, and h to install a solar PV array for a family. I can't wait to get back and help with another install and I encourage you to look into it as well if you're interested. -Ravi

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Banking that reverses climate change

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Banking that reverses climate change

One of the biggest blockers to the massive adoption of emissions-reducing technology is access to low-cost capital—a lot of it. Atmos is solving the problem by building a new banking model designed to exclusively finance climate-positive projects at scale, with bank deposits. When you open an Atmos account, you benefit from higher savings rates while advancing the transition to a clean economy.

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Safe for your savings, safe for the planet

Your AtmosACTION savings account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 and protected by state-of-the-art encryption techniques.

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Multiple savings accounts to meet your personal goals

Save for your next car, a down payment on a home or your grandchildren’s college fund. Whatever is on the horizon for you, meet your financial goals faster by opening up to six unique savings accounts.

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