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Founded in 1990, the Organic Farming Research Foundation works to foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems by supporting farmers through organic research, education, and advocacy. Non-biased and science-based, we educate the public and policy-makers to advance regenerative organic agriculture as a climate solution. With these efforts, we are working to create a more resilient and sustainable agricultural system that values healthy environments and healthy people.

Organic Farming Research Foundation

The insection of climate, health and food continues to be one of the most fascinating areas for me personally. The industrialization of the modern food system has led to soils stripped of their nutrients and a national health crisis. OFRF pools research and educational resources to help producers enrich their soils, sequester carbon and source nutritious food for millions of people around the country. It's all for naught if these farms aren't profitable relative to conventional, monoculture operations, so OFRF is also at the center of policy discussions. This top-down and bottom-up approaches are both critical for progress. - Pete

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Banking that reverses climate change

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Banking that reverses climate change

One of the biggest blockers to the massive adoption of emissions-reducing technology is access to low-cost capital—a lot of it. Atmos is solving the problem by building a new banking model designed to exclusively finance climate-positive projects at scale, with bank deposits. When you open an Atmos account, you benefit from higher savings rates while advancing the transition to a clean economy.

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Safe for your savings, safe for the planet

Your AtmosACTION savings account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 and protected by state-of-the-art encryption techniques.

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Multiple savings accounts to meet your personal goals

Save for your next car, a down payment on a home or your grandchildren’s college fund. Whatever is on the horizon for you, meet your financial goals faster by opening up to six unique savings accounts.

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