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Sep 21, 2022

New Atmos Account Checklist

1. Fund your Account

See our helpful guide How to Fund your Atmos Account for a review of each funding method. Your account is FDIC-insured provided by Five Star Bank, Member FDIC and securely encrypted in our digital vault. 

Helpful hint:  Atmos requests that customers first log into their external bank to push money into Atmos. All accounts can easily send money to and from Atmos by initiating those transactions from inside their external bank account. Following a successful security upgrade, transactions can be initiated through your Atmos dashboard. 

2. Download the Mobile App 

Available in iOS and Android and found under Atmos Financial PBC in your app store, our mobile app provides you all the essentials for mobile banking and remote card management. Only available through our mobile app, receive transaction notifications directly to your phone so you can more closely monitor your account activity. 

Helpful hint:  Found under ‘More’, take a moment to perform Document Verification. You’ll be prompted to take live pictures of yourself and a valid ID. This quick and easy step initiates a request to release more features to your new Atmos account. 

3. Verify your Identity

Perform Document Verification found under ‘More’ inside the mobile app. This quick and easy step helps us safeguard your account and identity. More banking features and services will be released as soon as your security upgrade is processed.

Helpful hint:  Security upgrades may take several days and up to several weeks. We review each account carefully. If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to Atmos Support. 

4. Order your Atmos Debit Card

As soon as your Checking account is funded, you’ll have the ability to order your own Atmos Debit Card. Use your Debit Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and at any of these locations to earn up to 5% cash back! 

Helpful hint:  You can order your Atmos debit card (or reorder if the original is lost) to any mailing address in the US. Please ensure the address we have on file is correct before you ship your card.

5. Add Your Virtual Card to your Mobile Wallet

Add your Atmos virtual card to your mobile wallet to enable purchases directly through your phone. 

Helpful hint:  You’ll need to ‘Activate’ your virtual card through the web browser or mobile app to successfully add Atmos to your mobile wallet. Our banking services are provided by Synapse Financial Technologies and Evolve Bank & Trust.

6. Boost your Savings Rate with a Recurring Donation 

Choose from +75 highly impactful environmental organizations and align your donation to your areas of interest. When you elect to make a recurring donation in any amount, Atmos will double your savings rate across all of your savings accounts. Recurring donations are processed from your AtmosACTION account. 

Helpful hint:  Donating through Atmos is a WIN for you with higher rates and a WIN for participating nonprofits. Organizations receive 100% of every charitable gift through Atmos, and we track all of your charitable giving so that you can easily claim credit come tax season. 

7. Set up Direct Deposit

Setting up Direct Deposit is as simple as providing your new Atmos account information to your payroll provider. Send all or some of your paycheck to Atmos to keep funding clean, renewable energy. 

Helpful hint:  Account information is accessible in your web browser or mobile app under Move Money (Add/Receive Funds). Some payroll providers ask for a voided check. While Atmos doesn’t provide check writing services, and can’t provide a check for direct deposit purposes, payroll providers will almost always accept a monthly bank statement. If you’re still having trouble, reach out to Atmos Support to get a Letter of Good Standing. We’re always just a click away! 

8. Set up Billpay and Virtual Card Payments

Manage your monthly expenses through Billpay and virtual card payments. Virtual cards are a helpful tool for ongoing payments from your account. If you lose or need to replace your physical debit card for any reason, payments linked to your virtual card will be uninterrupted. 

Helpful hint:  Billpay is available only for customers who have successfully performed Document Verification, accessible in the Atmos Financial mobile app.

9. Invite Friends and Family! 

Share Atmos with your friends and family to deepen our collective impact! Use the Invite link found in your web browser or mobile app to earn money for yourself, any referred customers and the nonprofit of your choice. 

Helpful hint:  Instantly pay any other Atmos customers by setting your AtmosID. Instant payments are a free and convenient way to split bills, financial responsibilities or just to send some financial love on a birthday. 

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